Trisha Artman, Board Certified Educator & Health Coach—

Trisha is a motivated Health Coach, Educator, and Writer. With personal diabetes experience, compassion, and professionalism, she nurtures trusting relationships—promoting healthy changes in an empowered environment.

About Trisha—My story is one of hurdles, exploration, and discovery. I was diagnosed with type1 diabetes at the age of seventeen. As a fun-loving, athletic, and independent young woman, it was a diagnosis that took my family and I by storm. Over the years, I endured the harsh realities that people can experience due to diabetes complications. With each obstacle, I faced the challenge as it came, and ultimately, became stronger and even more determined to fight my way back to living a vibrant and healthy life.

Through education and exploration, I’ve experienced the benefits of balancing both eastern and western medicine. Teamed with trusted support, I learned to honor my feelings without judgment, breakdown unhealthy barriers that once held me back, and become my own self-advocate. In recent years, I took an even greater leap and accepted a kidney/pancreas transplant. Lifestyle changes, exercise, hard work, a positive attitude, and the will to embrace this ongoing journey has given me a second chance at life.

To mark the lessons that I have learned, I’ve become a Board Certified Health Coach. I educate people about the value of their body, how to tune into their inner voice, and how to live every day—not defined by their diagnosis, but instead as a WHOLE person.

I teach people that they do not have to wait until things are at their worst to change negative thoughts and behaviors, but to start right where they are. Not because they have to, but because they choose to live out the life they desire and deserve.

Today, I spend my days not simply surviving, but instead thriving—inspiring other people to finally experience the freedom of getting "control" over diabetes, other chronic illnesses, and their lives. I’m excited to invite you on my latest journey— helping others realize their potential and strength within. Let’s live out loud!